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TMSG Publisher Makes Presentation On Next Book About African Americans In Aurora, IL 1921-1955

Click on link to watch presentation:

TMSG Publisher Sherman Jenkins has begun work on his second book which preliminarily titled: "African Americans in Aurora: 1921-1955." He recently made a presentation at the Aurora Public Library Santori Main Library.

"I am asking for your help in identifying African Americans who lived in Aurora from 1921-1950," Jenkins said. "Now, many of those African Americans are probably no longer with us, but maybe people know of their children or relatives who might have memories of living in Aurora during this time period."

If you are wondering why Jenkins is looking to cover the timeframe indicated, he stated that he is picking up from where the book "From Slavery To Glory: African Americans Come To Aurora, Illinois 1850-1920" left off. TMSG has included a picture of the cover of the book by author Dennis Buck for those who are not familiar with it.

If you know of individuals or have archives (photos, documents) you would like to share, please contact TMSG at

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