Grants To Fund Wigs For Women of Color Fighting Cancer

First Midwest Charitable Foundation has awarded a $2,500 grant to Waterford Place Cancer Resource Center to expand and diversify wig offerings to include more options for women of color.

Waterford Place Cancer Resource Center serves to compassionately connect with, and offer support for, people with cancer and those that care for them. You will find access to an array of services including appearance assistance; counseling; support groups for patients and caregivers; educational programs; stress management; expressive therapies; survivorship guidance and a space dedicated to spiritual reflection.

Waterford Place Cancer Resource Center 1310 Waterford Drive Aurora, IL 60504 Phone: (331) 301-5280

Wigs are provided to cancer patients free of charge, and the grant will fund more options for women of color. Additionally, the grant will support the hiring and oncology-specific training of a cosmetologist with specialized experience working with women of color.

The Waterford Place staff understands the importance of providing wigs in textures and styles that meet the needs of women of color. Losing one’s hair can be a significant emotional challenge. The impact of a wig far exceeds achieving a general sense of improved appearance and contributes to the overall experience of being well.

It is through the Waterford Place Salon and Wig Boutique that many newly diagnosed patients first get involved with the services and support Waterford Place provides. Due to COVID-19, the boutique now offers virtual wig-fitting services and contactless pickup of wigs. Since the start of the pandemic, Waterford Place has provided virtual wig fittings and salon services to 28 participants in the Chicago area.