Grandfather of Naperville Resident To Have Milwaukee, WI Building Named In His Honor

Naperville, IL resident Kidada Robinson and her family recently received a wonderful Black History Month announcement when the Milwaukee, WI City Council approved a resolution to name its Fire Department Administration Building after her grandfather Alonzo Robinson. Mr. Robinson was the first Black architect in Milwaukee and the State of Wisconsin.

Mr. Robinson designed the Administration Building, 711 W. Wells Street, in addition to hundreds of other buildings in the Milwaukee area. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper, Mr. Robinson's son, Kim, told the City's Public Works Committee "It would be an honor to have our dad's name on that building."

The granddaughter of Mr. Robinson, Kidada, said, "My family and I are thankful for the recognition of my grandfather's contributions to the City of Milwaukee, WI. His work will finally receive the recognition that has been long deserved and anxiously awaited by all of us." She added, "We use to drive by the buildings he designed and proudly declared his achievements."

Congratulations Robinson Family!!!...well deserved!

Alonzo Robinson, (above) late grandfather of Naperville, IL resident Kidada Robinson (below)