Your Intuition Can Work In Mysterious Ways: But It Is Yours!

TMSG Readers: This is a new monthly feature from author Sheree Franklin as she will reveal what your intuition can do for you in your daily life.

You are walking alone in a parking lot and suddenly you feel that something is wrong. You’re not sure why—you didn’t hear or see something specific that made you feel this way. And even there is no logical reason behind it you immediately start walking faster, looking around as you get quickly in your car. This is an example of how intuition works in our minds, hearts and bodies. Here are examples of how we feel inside when our intuition kicks in:

· Noticing a change in temperature

· Being aware of your hair standing up on the back of your neck

· Twitching of your eye

· Becoming aware of a nagging feeling of being uneasy about something or someone

These topics and more are covered in the book, Intuition: The Hidden Asset Everyone Should Learn to Use by Sheree Franklin. The author is a Chicago native who takes her readers into the journey of learning how to navigate their intuition to make better decisions in less time with less stress. To find out more information about her book go to

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