Operation Drive... 501c3 Organization Created To Provide Transportation To Those In Need

Life is full of inspirational moments.

Meighan Cole, like so many of us, found inspiration from a loved one. In August 2007 Meighan's grandmother suffered a debilitating stroke. Her grandmother had lived alone, but after the stroke she needed assistance and that responsibility fell to Meighan.

There was one obstacle. Meighan lived and worked in Dublin, Ohio while her grandmother lived in Joliet, IL where the single, determined young Meighan grew up. Being the oldest of nine children, Meighan did what she had to do and moved to Naperville to be close to her grandmother and work for a subsidiary of the firm that employed her in Ohio.

Meighan and her family secured a long-term nursing facility for their grandmother in April 2008. But the experience of working with doctors, researching nursing care facilities and transporting her grandmother to therapy appointments, opened her eyes to need in the community and an inspiration to do something about it.

In 2011 life happened again as Meighan lost her job due to the rigors of caring for her grandmother and the responsibilities of her career.

"I knew I needed to regroup and make sense of what life was presenting to me," she explained. "When I returned home to care for my grandmother, I began to fell powerless and defeated because it was difficult to obtain the food and medical treatments my loved one required."

Coupled with financial obligations, Meighan saw that transportation was a problem for her grandmother and for people in the community. "As a young child I was in the foster care system and I saw people hurting in impoverished areas my entire childhood, and after what we experienced with my grandmother I was motivated to make a change in my immediate surroundings."

In 2014, Meighan started Operation Drive NFP, a medicar transportation company designed to make sure that citizens don't miss critical medical appointments or go hungry because of the lack of affordable transportation.

"Our mission is to improve the lives of families, seniors, misplaced young adults and children with special needs by being advocates to support the well being of the community. We use the power of driving to enhance lives with transportation and support for those who are otherwise left behind during difficult times of the greater need."

"Our vision is to seek the "bridge the gap" for those who are denied transportation to preventative medical care access to food via age or other transportation issues. We are driving on purpose for the betterment of our community by giving help for today and hope for tomorrow."

Operation Drive serves the counties of Kane, DuPage and Kendall and operates from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday with weekends by appointment. The company can be contacted at (630) 294-6721 or email at operationdrivenfp@gmail.com. You can also visit the website at www.operationdrivenfp.org.

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